Out-of-Doors 2019

Do you LOVE the Out-of-Doors?

In the corner of the driveway is the location of this stately Cottonwood tree. This is the tree the owls declare as their own private nesting tree.  The tire swing and wood tree swing are dwarfed by the size of this almost 100 year old tree.

Are you a turkey hunter or deer hunter?

Text or Call to check the current  hunting reservation status  620-727-1664.

Check on out of state deer licenses in April 2019.

 First Come First Served for the weeks of November. 

Hurry –  the Cabin/Cottage (on location) is included with the Land Hunting Lease – this means you can roll out of bed and walk to your blind, hunt, and walk back to the house. No long commutes!

Kansas Wild Turkey Hunt 2015 Turkey taken from Owl’s Corner –  Photo by Aaron East
2016 Archery – Deer taken from Owl’s Corner

This is my grandson James. He shot this deer the first evening he was able to sit in the blind.

Many beautiful sunrises / sunsets can be enjoyed from these 40 acres.


BB popa
Resident Bluebird

Are you a photographer? There are lots of interesting photo ops throughout the 40 acre area;  grasses, sunsets, animals, birds, (woodpeckers, hawks, owls, bluebirds) trees, etc.
Would you like one-on-one photo instruction?  
Deb is an accomplished award winning and published photographer, and is always willing to help.

deb with camera Deb Hagen Photography
Meadowlark, Kansas State Bird

Are you a writer?
Do you need peace and tranquility?
This is a great place for quiet and solitude. Inspiration might come with every little tweet from a bird, the whirl of  wind, a creak from a tree  branch, or the quake of the leaves.

Are you a hiker?  Do you just like to go for a peaceful walk?
There is plenty of room for either, and lots to look at along the journey.
The river runs through the corner of this property. Fishing, wading, or just sitting can be enjoyed along the river… there is something to do at the river all 4 seasons. 

From Beavers chewing 

Sometimes I have noticed evidence that beaver have been chewing down a few trees.

All of these things help create an opportunity for a delightful and peaceful country experience.

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