There are many projects that have been started and will take several months to complete. Some projects are still in the blue print stages.

 A new front porch was completed in May of 2016 and new back deck was completed the Fall of 2015 …  what  great improvements!!  Looks like it has always been there.

New replacement windows have been installed in the living room and the main floor bedroom.  Oh what a wonderful change.

Several rooms have been decorated and are complete. The kitchen has new lights and a new window, it also has renovated repainted cabinet doors with glass inserts. This was completed  in June 2016 … still have the ceiling to finish.

The fire pit area was started 2015 spring to give the honeysuckle plenty of time to get established on the trellis. This has been an ongoing project for the last several months. This was a completed project – March 2016.

A floral garden (Meditation Area), with living walls, is in the plans … with continued  development in the Spring of 2017. 

A tree swing and tire swing are hung and have been adult tested and kid approved.

Ready to fill with Sand
Ready to fill with Sand

A horseshoe pit was completed in the Fall of 2016.

A tractor tire sandbox has been put in place.

Some of the Old buildings were demolished. October 2015 – Demolished and the mess is gone!

So … follow along as new blogs highlight projects and you can check out the process that takes them to completion.


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