Progress of the Porch

imageWith years of weather and wear, the old front porch had started to decay at a rapid rate. Safety is always a concern … The porch just had to go.

The back porch and front porch were both demolished in the fall of 2015.   The back deck was completely constructed and has been  a wonderful place for early morning coffee  or watching the moon rise. Comfy chairs have been assembled and are in place.

Due to unforeseen issues, the front porch construction was postponed until Spring of 2016.

Working in the trenches
beginning soon

With this porch on the West side of the house, it will provide lots of great shade and also a place to watch the sun go down. The porch swing  has already been purchased as well as two lovely chairs.

By May of 2016 the FRONT PORCH construction was completed. I anticipate MANY peaceful hours will be spent “just a swinging”  on the front porch.

By the middle of November of 2016 the railing was painted to complete the ‘country white’ front porch.

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