Slowly coming to completion

A long long list of projects was written almost two years ago.  Some big projects and some little projects, some were in improve safety and some were purely for visual pleasure.

Front porch – check – completely torn down and replaced – it is  now a new designed  8′ x 18′ front porch with a porch swing.

Back porch – check – completely torn out and replaced with a lovely wood deck.

Back sidewalk – check – removed and replaced. Bigger and much better and now safe to walk on.

Old chicken house – check – torn down and grass is now where the unsafe old crumbling building once was.


New Windows – check – replacement windows have been installed in the living room and main floor bedroom and the two remaining original Windows have been repaired.  New curtains finished the much needed changes.

Kitchen updates  – check – new window, old window painted and repaired, cabinets repainted and uppers now have glass fronts and lights, large storage cabinet built in, installation of three new ceiling lights, baseboard and walls repainted;  the ceiling tiles have been removed to expose shiplap (staples and adhesive still need to be removed so the ceiling  can be painted and upper trim installed)Dinning room updates – check – dinning table sanded, stained,  and painted,   walls repainted, new ceiling fan and light installed, old window repaired and painted, coffee station installed, baseboards are being repainted, ceiling tiles removed to expose shiplap (staples and adhesive still need to be removed so the ceiling can be painted and upper trim put in)

Bathroom updates – check – new brighter lights installed, new mirror installed, glass shelf installed, cabinet repainted, old towel racks removed and replaced with board and batten with a wall of decorative hooks, walls repaired and repainted.

Back porch – check – new light installed, new stairs installed going up to the kitchen, 2 metal storage cabinets installed, shiplap installed on one wall, coat hooks installed, bench seat installed, shelves put in for display of antiques, window repaired and repainted.

Basement bedroom – check – window trim painted, floor to ceiling headboard to resemble a barn door was custom built, used furniture pieces were purchased and painted to march decor, curtains installed, some Trim work still needs to be completed.

Main floor bedroom – check – decor complete – new Windows installed and trimmed out, ceiling fan installed, baseboards and door trim still need to be Stained and installed, ceiling tiles still need to be removed and ceiling painted, barn door hardware needs to be put in place so original door may be used.


Lots of Old fence removed here and there

Grandma’s front gate preserved – a small picket fence and flower garden area is in progress

Trees trimmed – numerous trailer loads of limbs hauled out

New Flower beds everywhere – over 95 perennial plants – around 50 bulb plants – lots of transplants from friends – Lots of seeds planted from friends

Over 2,000 lbs of landscape bricks and lots of landscape mulch brought in

Firepit area – check –  from a rusty half barrel with nothing but weeds and dirt – to a nice outdoor room  to hang out – cook out – eat out – sit and relax;  – electrical line buried and outlet installed  and poles installed for an aerial border of  cafe lights – benches – trellis and firewood holder with food prep area – huge outdoor table and six seats – beach sand area – paver path – solar lights – flower beds – landscape retaining wall.

Swings – 1 tire swing.  1  Wood swing

Tire sand box

Wood Trellis fence built to hide the propane tank and a metal arch arbor with seat for a safe place  to watch the horseshoe players

Horseshoe pit – standard 40 foot distance stakes in concrete buckets and then buried to hold them securely in place  – the two pit areas are filled with sand and lined by railroad ties

Numerous bird houses – new ones will be added every year

Nature trail through natural grasses and wild flowers – 4 new apple trees  – pumpkin patch – new fruit trees to be added every year – new wild flowers to be added every year – resting/stopping spots with seating  will be incorporated

Dinner bell

As you can tell – lots of improvements have been made and some improvements (like the additional fruit trees and wild flowers) are ongoing and some will be completed soon.

All of this is on 40 acres of Kansas sandhill country with wild blackberry bushes, sandhill plum bushes and a corner of the 40 acres also includes a bit of the Little Arkansas River, open pasture land and tree filled areas.

When do you want to spend time in the lovely little quiet place in the country ?

Call to reserve your weekend …at Owl’s Corner – Cottage in the Country – call 620-727-1664  and ask for Deb

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