Owlet Progress Report

 So much excitement with this owl family.  This little fellow, all covered in down but equipped with feathers on his wings,  decided to make a practice flight.  (Once they fly out, they don’t get back into the nest.)   I was working in an area just north of  the nesting tree .. Cleaning dead limbs and brush and dry leaves … I suddenly heard some leaves rustling and looked down.   There he was all fluffed out and snapping his beak at me in his protective mode. He had backed himself against a fence and was very scared.  Everything I have read tells me his mother will continue to feed him for at least a few weeks. 

I put on my leather gloves .. Placing my hands over his wings and avoiding his already large and sharp talons … I carried the little fellow to a wood pile so he would have protection and able to avoid the fence again. It didn’t take him long for him  to take off at a fast waddle and head to the pasture.   Hopefully Mother Owl will do her part. 

Owlet out of the nest
He fly out … sorta
Later in the day, worried about the one owlet left in the nest by himself, I kept a close eye on the nesting tree.    Much to my JOY – with the bigger owlet out of the way, I was able to see not just one, but, TWO smaller owlets in the nest.  This was a nice surprise … and it also told me the rescue efforts back in February to return the new hatchling to the nest WAS a Success!   Mother owl has her work cut out for her. 

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