Finally a Christmas tree this year

 With Varying stages of construction – the front porch has been removed and has only a trench where concrete will be… complete with a 4 foot drop out the front door.  Construction is slated for late Jamuary.

The back deck is now finished and has two temporary chairs… The deck is not landscaped…but plans are in my head.  Tulip bulbs need to get in the ground. I wonder if that happens by thinking or if I actually need to dig holes?  Landscape blocks need to be strategically placed to hold back the yard that wants to shift with the dry summer winds.

The kitchen has cabinet doors that have been removed to start the major repainting remodel process.  Plans with the contractors are in the works.

Among all this mess, the dining room, living room, and master bedroom are rooms, for the most part,  are complete.

Thinking of past Christmas seasons,  I don’t remember seeing a Christmas tree in this house for many years.

When I was a young girl, Grandpa would go to the pasture and dig up a live cedar tree, placing it in a tub. The tree would find its temporary home in the dinning room. Grandma would lovingly and carefully decorate the tree. When I say carefully … I mean delicately, because Cedar Trees have very prickly branches. Simple ornaments and sometimes lights, very minimal decor.

Remembering days of long ago, and in the positive spirit of remodeling, it seemed an appropriate time to put up a Christmas Tree.  Antique “shiny brites” and icicles were used to help give the tree an old fashion look. Placed in a five gallon crock, this tree finds its home in the dinning room … as it should be, right?

I hope you will embrace some (maybe almost forgotten) fond memories … and … take time to start some new traditions with your family members.

December may be full of activities -but  try to help make memorable events for you and the little ones in your life … Just Simple things are what I remember most!

Do you put real candy canes on your tree?


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