Fire Pit Area-

Are you cold and enjoy a nice warm Fire to warm your toes or roast a few marshmallows? This will be the area for you to enjoy.  The projects started early last Spring. . . some major elements have been incorporated… Fire pit, trellis / wind break with serving shelf and fire wood holder, cinder block bench, and a decorative brick outline with a gravel base.   As most projects start – a trip to the lumber home improvement store for supplies is a must.

Lattice wood panels – 4 x 4 posts – cinder blocks  – adhesive etc.


Labor provided by cousins who seem to be having a great time.    

Hard work generates a healthy appetite-hotdogs and s’mores of course.
This is a multipurpose piece… Windbreak, trellis for honeysuckle, serving table and firewood holder. ..a pallet project for sure.  

 The fire ring started with a pea gravel base and a metal fire ring and then decorative blocks dry stacked around the cast iron fire ring and the swivel grill/cooking grate is attached 

  Even the two year old enjoys cooking hotdogs

  Best Bud Boy Scouts practice their fire building skills.  Notice the grass all around the fire ring… It will soon be sprayed with roundup for a complete kill.

  Brick decorative border lines the designated area! A straight edge and T square helps keep things in proper alignment.

  Construction adhesive is the stuff to hold this together!

  Sticky sticky

  More adhesive to hold these blocks together.

  1 block, 2 blocks, 3 blocks,  four – tomorrow I will have muscles that are sore.

  Careful alignment or this won’t work.

  It is coming together. James took lots of pride in building this cinder block bench  Oh a complete bench – all it needs now is a cushion.  The second bench is still to come.

  The perimeter has been laid out with the blocks  and then the grass will be sprayed twice and killed.  
Building the fire gets easier with each effort.

 Ahhh – the fire wood fits neatly under the serving table area.
Yes this serving table works well !!! 

   The grass is dead and has been removed… So A trip or two to the sand pit to get just the right kind of gravel for the floor base of the fire pit.
 Shovel by shovel the sand gets spread. 

This is lots of work but it is coming together nicely!

Raking it smooth-“oh this is just the way I had I envisioned!”   Yes the great beach sand base was James’ idea!  
Now we need more border bricks and more sand because we found the perfect table and chairs to use for many years to come … Some projects sure do take a lot of time.  

  This set is On lay away at a local antique shop – this will make the perfect eating area furniture for the fire pit area.   Maybe in another month this project will be complete!   


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