Dining Room Is repainted and good for now …

The dining room, when I was a child, was the location for many great meals including home made bread or cream puffs and chicken and noodles (made from scratch) or fried chicken and mashed potatos … the table was also the location where many domino games and card games were played.

 Although the table has changed, I do spend some time cooking and hope to do more when time allows.  With so many projects needing to be completed, no time now for elaborate cuisine… BUT card games are still enjoyed in the dinning room. James and some of his cousins and I have spent many hours laughing and having a good time playing cards.

imageOne of the walls in the dining room is what I have labeled the “Famous” wall. This wall has many 8 x 10 photos from photographers, many whom have photos that has been published in local, state, or national magazines. A couple of the photographers have worked for National Geographic and some give international photography tours to places like Africa, Peru and the Galopogoise Islands.

On a couple of walls, some of my own photography is used to add color. Windmill and SunflowersOne wall always was the location Grandma would hang a clock.

As a child I remember an electric clock with a cord that hung down to an electrical plug-in. Over the years Grandma exchanged that old model for a newer one with batteries. As I finished painting the walls last week … again a clock was hung on that same wall… as if it were a mandated form of decor.


Filling the shelves of the cream colored china cabinet are bright solid colored dishes with various matching glasses. These dishes provide colorful decor AND entertainment for the young folks. When James and his friends or cousins dine, they seem to enjoy choosing thier favorite color for thier plate and favorite color for their drinking glass. Although we are in the country away from others, good table manners are always exercised because practice makes perfect.image

In time, the ceiling tiles will be removed to expose what might be lap board ceiling. It will be painted and the old ceiling fan will be replaced. But for now, things are looking good in the dining room. The kitchen is a whole different story… (will be a new blog) I love the color of the dining room walls so the decision has been made to continue the dining room wall color into the kitchen. And the new color of paint for the kitchen cabinets … is still undecided . . .


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