Owl’s Corner of the yard, in his tree

This little baby owlet’s nest was in the big Cottonwood Tree in the corner of the country cabin yard.  This is the same  tree that holds the tire swing and the tree swing. Many years the Great Horned Owls have built a nest in this tree.  I don’t usually get to see the little one or owlet_1449two, depending on the family size.   But this year the little fellow was very curious and would pop his head up to see what we were up to. Then down his head would go and you would never know he was in the tree.  Late in the evening or sometimes at night you can hear the owls talking to each other. Both the male and female tend to the owlet, bringing him food until he is fully feathered and ready to fly on his own. owlet_1449

I know for sure he was in the nest at least 4 1/2 weeks… but maybe longer.  I had to do some trimming on the cottonwood before we could hang the swings.  And waiting until the outlet flew the nest was a must.  I try to provide a peaceful surrounding for the wild animals, so sawing limbs next to his nest was not going to happen.  He did finally grow his feathers and take off.  I missed seeing that experience but I was just thrilled to be able to get a glimpse of him from time to time.

Because the owls seem to be ‘guarding’ the yard, the decided to name the house after their majestic presence.  Occasionally we will find a reminder feather or two in the yard from the owls.  They are still around somewhere.  And maybe this winter they will choose to build their nest in their corner again.


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