The Second Bedroom … Rural Kansas Barn theme …

Many creative ideas were kicked around before this room was declared complete.
A big problem was the ugly window that was boarded up from the outside and was not covered by sheet rock on the inside. Some how this window needed to be covered. .. creatively and yet in a practical manner.image

This is a lovely bedroom but it had no theme – no character.  A blank canvas if you will… and the decorative details just needed to be added.  This is the ugly window that spurred this design.

I wanted to create a headboard for the bed that would be a floor to ceiling custom design.  So the process began with what would become a one of a kind Barn Door Headboard.

Shown below is a series of pictures; beginning with painting the wood, installation, detail additions, and the finished headboard, … complete with a comforter that has a matching color scheme.

This is a fun bedroom with antiques, rural flavor that include horses, wheat field artwork in barn wood frames, horseshoe details and the barn door headboard. The headboard highlights a queen-size bed, antiques are used for night stands complete with lamps. This bedroom includes a full closet and a little window with cute burlap curtains.



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