Ahhh Spring

Wether it’s Spring or Spring Break – both seem to be very welcomed by everyone. I have been watching in my koi pond and the koi are slowly starting to come out of hibernation…I see tail fins moving more rapidly. Maybe by the end of the week I can remove the cover that was meant … More Ahhh Spring

A long year …

With serious illness in the family, things were on the slowdown… but modern medicine can help things improve. Owl’s Corner has been improving as well The kids area in the lower level is looking great And the corral outside has been modernized… the old posts and barbed wire has been replaced with great iron fence … More A long year …

A Whitetail Buck

Owl’s Corner was first conceived with the idea it could be used for the overnight convenience for hunters. In 2017, out-of-state hunters have already started making reservations for a November week for WhiteTail Deer Hunting. Bow hunters will be using the cabin while they hunt on the property. Today, November 26, 2016,  a happy  local hunter found … More A Whitetail Buck

The Story!!! – The 2016 Great Horned Owlet Family

Thursday Feb. 25, 2016 James and I decided to stay all night at Owl’s  Corner.  The weather was nice and there was no school on Friday. With our food packed and Our long “to does” list…(before the place can be rented) we proceed; thinking of the peaceful evening that could be spent by the fire … More The Story!!! – The 2016 Great Horned Owlet Family

A Peaceful Night

Sometimes Owl’s Corner Cottage is full of people.  Tonight I am introduced to the fiancé (Kaylee) of my oldest grandson (Zak) and tomorrow we will venture out to different areas of the 40 acres and shoot engagement photos.  Kaylee went shopping today for her wedding dress with much success. James is delighted to be my … More A Peaceful Night